G3foods participate at Food Expo held at Metropolitan Expo in Athens. Greek exhibition event! Access to new markets with upcoming profitable results!

Business meetings between Greek companies – from the export industry, with Polish companies.
Aiming at the cultivation and strengthening of relations between the Greek and Polish market operators, as well as in the tourist and export sectors respectively.

“Synergassia”; stands for the English “collaboration” (=to work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort..)
In today’s difficult times for Greece seems like a…panacea. We are very happy Enterprise and evia’s chamber gave us the opportunity for B2b meetings with Economic & Commercial ambassadors at Negroponte hotel in Eretria.
The young generation of Evia is here! We are so proud that our product range along with the agroourism project – by g3foods – were widely accepted by almost all the participants!!!