Olive Myth Premium EVOO

Olive Myth Premium EVOO

  • OriginSpecially chosen Greek olive groves
  • Feel and LikeDistinct, healthy, golden green colour and fruity flavour.
  • VarietiesHealthy natural juice from Koroneiki and Athinolia varieties with very low acidity!
  • Way of collectionOnly healthy, ripe fruit are picked carefully by hand!
  • PackagingGlass 250 ml / 500 ml

“Olive Myth Premium” is the finest olive oil G3 foods have to offer. Distinct, healthy and full-bodied it will definitely charm you while its bright colour and flavours will bring to mind the pristine nature  where it is produced. In particular it stands out for its ideal production specifications preserving the most of what nutritional value, taste and benefits the natural juice extracted from the “Koroneiki” and “Athinolia” varieties has to offer.

And “Olive Myth Premium” can easily prove what it promises: All measurements are far exceeding what the European Union has specified as extra virgin olive oil! Its acidity, being so low and the most important quality criterion for olive oil connoisseurs. It demonstrates that only healthy, ripe fruit were picked carefully by hand in order to yield this special olive oil, both rich in nutritional ingredients and high in organoleptic qualities.

Its peroxide levels confirm the very low oxidation, good storage conditions and its excellent preservation potential. The particularly low value of its K232 index is achieved through the fast olive oil extraction and the modern packaging processes utilized. The ideal value of its K270 index certifies its freshness and careful production. Finally, the zero ΔK index demonstrates its quality and, above all, purity. Two tablespoons each day from this unique olive oil would suffice for you and those you love to receive all its health and longevity benefits.

But why limit your enjoyment? Use it either raw in salads or cooked in every dish. It will definitely make them all as unique as it is itself. And that is a scientific fact!