Greece and Olive Oil


When Greeks say “oil” they only refer to extra virgin olive oil! Besides, they have the highest per capita annual consumption in the world, by far!

For centuries, the olive tree and its fruit are identified with the culture, history, traditions, cuisine and very existence of the Greeks. Ancient Greeks exported the olive tree along with their culture in Italy, France, Spain and Northern Africa.

Modern Greeks boast increased life expectancy and the lowest rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease worldwide. It has been scientifically confirmed that this is due to high extra virgin olive oil consumption on a daily basis.

Greece is a place made for top-quality olive oil production, a place quite unique in the world. The climate, soil quality and the numerous, specialty olive varieties harmoniously deliver this excellent result. Greek farmers utilise traditional methods, perfected over thousands of years, through love for olives and olive oil: picking by hand, immediate oil extraction through cold pressing and ideal storage conditions so as to preserve all the valuable nutrients in olive oil.

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